Sunday, September 20, 2009

Santa Rosa de Copán - our site

We are going to be living in Santa Rosa de Copán for the next two years. By all accounts, this will be a very lovely and comfortable place to live. It is a city of about 30,000 in Western Honduras, close to Copán Ruinas and near the Guatemalan border. It is located up in the mountains, with a cooler climate, coffee farms and cigars hand-rolled from the tobacco grown near here. We will let you know more after we get there, next week.

We will be working with two NGO's. One of them, Hábitat para la Humanidad, is the same organization that you are familiar with at home. They have built a lot of homes here and periodically host work crews from the U.S. We will be working on community development projects with the client community and may also help coordinate the activities of the visiting work crews. Our other counterpart is more of an unknown to us at this point. It is an umbrella organization made up of a number of programs that seem to be doing good work on community development, governmental access, economic development and environmental issues. They seem to be very open to our working on whatever may interest us, so we will have a lot to explore. Right now our main limitation continues to be Spanish, but we continue to make steady progress. We do not feel ready to really be of much help with a lot of this work yet, but remain hopeful that we are going to get to that point.

We will likely be working with programs that get us out into the countryside regularly -- a beautiful, mountainous area with little development -- but also allows us to return to a pretty comfortable environment most every night. It will not be the classic Peace Corps "mud hut" lifestyle, but it seems like one that we will be able to enjoy for the next couple of years.

We will be officially sworn in a Peace Corps volunteers next Friday and will travel with one of our counterparts to our new home next Saturday. We will live with another host family for a couple of months once we get there, but will have a home of our own after that. Much more to follow when we get there and see where we really are.

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  1. Hola, que tal!
    I spent a lot of time in Santa Rosa de Copan when I worked in Guatemala, just across the mountains on the Rio Dulce. There is quite a community of gringo archaeologists there. I heard they just uncovered a great new temple.
    Hope all is well and I really enjoy your posts.