Monday, July 20, 2009

Farewell to the Dominican Republic

Our time in the Dominican Republic appears to be coming to an end. The last news reports are that negotiations are continuing through the week and we think that we will be cleared to go to Honduras. Given all of the mixed reports that we have gotten about what is really going on there, it will be very interesting to have the opportunity to find out what people are saying on the ground.

The people in the DR have been very amable and have made our stay here quite enjoyable. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to see a small part of this country. Perhaps someday we will have an opportunity to get out much further into it.

We may not have access to the internet for some time at our new post. Do not be concerned. We are being well taken care of and will look forward to letting you know what we are up to as soon as we can.

1 comment:

  1. Hope you have a safe yet exciting journey as you leave DR. I was fortunate to visit Samana Bay many years ago. A beautiful place with beautiful people. Thanks for taking the time to share your adventures with us.