Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Second Week

We are beginning to settle into something of a routine now. We go to classes beginning at 8 A. M. each morning, mostly Spanish, but with some special sessions on health, security and development issues. We get there on public transportation, which is an experience in itself, particularly the "guaguas." They are a form of small bus with lots of people crowded in and the cobrador hanging off the side trying to encourage more people to get on. We are broken up into small groups of 5 or 6 for very personalized instruction. Elizabeth is in one of the "blue bird" groups and John is in one of the "others." We also have a lot of diversions. Today we learned how to dance merengue and bachata in the afternoon. Tomorrow we all go to the historic district downtown for a combination of practical Spanish and some sight-seeing. John has found a couple of places to run in the neighborhood now, so even though it is very hot and humid, he is enjoying that in the evenings.

This past weekend we had a nice free day with our host family. We went to church services with local flavored music and an energetic priest who spoke clearly enough for us to understand - you should be providing guidance to your children no matter how old they are. Then we went to a restuarant and to to visit other family members. John went to a pelea de gallos in the neighborhood, where he watched the scene, as it was too crowded to get very close to actual cockpit. Very loud and exciting.

All of the information that we are getting now indicates that we will probably be cleared to go to Honduras towards the end of July. Things are still not resolved in Honduras, but most of the country seems tranquilo outside of the capital. We continue to hope that they can find some compromise solution. All of this remains subject to change, but absent any other dramatic development, we may get something close to final plans next week.
Here´s a photo of the casitas that we study in under the fruit trees. Que chulo aqui.

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