Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Studies Continue

This week passed very quickly for us. We spent the mornings in our respective Spanish classes of five people each. We are both still frustrated with our lack of ability to speak coherently, but we are making progress in hearing and understanding the language. After our morning session, we have a large comida at mid day and then we have been having classes on health and safety - how to clean vegetables, purify water and have safe sex - and we are now beginning to have more substantive discussions about Honduras and our assignments. All indications are that we will going to Honduras within the next two weeks, but that is still not final. We are receiving training at this point from a combination of Honduran and DR staff.

The highlight of our week was our trip to the Centro of Santo Domingo on Wednesday with our respective Spanish study groups. Interestingly, the Peace Corps headquarters for the DR is located downtown in a grand old house that was once one of the family homes of the Trujillo family, prior to that dictator being overthrown.
There is a very impressive Zona Colonial adjacent to the commercial and governmental center. Santo Domingo was the first Spanish city in the New World and there are a surprising number of homes, churches and public buildings that date from the 1500 and 1600´s. Their Design Review Board has done an impressive job of maintaining the integrity of a large area, that seems to include more than a couple of square miles.

We are both in good health - as are most of the other voluntarios - and doing well. Note that if you may have had problems posting comments on this blog, please try again, as we think that we have fixed this. Please keep in touch.


  1. It sounds like the Dominican Republic would be a nice place to visit? Any photos of you two dancing the merengue??? Hannah used to have a Spanish teacher who made them al do the merengue before they could leave class. When we next see you, she could join you on the dance floor. All the local Hondurans were excited that their national soccer team was here in DC.
    Best from Margaret & Bob & Hannah

  2. Never too late to learn about safe sex.

    This is really taking off with compelling, fact-based exposition.

    Peace and blessings on the Corpes de Paz voluntarios!

  3. It's great reading about your experiences. Don't know if I had a chance to mention before you left that I ended up running for local office here in upstate NY as a consolation after considering the Peace Corps and realizing I just didn't have the health and stamina. I'm jealous. Keep posting so us old folks can get vicarious pleasure from your escapades. Here's to clean vegetables, pure water, and safe sex!
    Take care,
    Carol in Ithaca